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My name is Sophie and I am the founder of Musclebound Mama. The fat loss and wellness industry is a savage one that too often preys on the fear and insecurity of women. If you take the time to read my story, you’ll see that I have fallen victim to it dozens of times myself in epic ways. When I finally recovered from my own experiences I made it my mission to build a community for women that was safe – both emotionally and physically, to allow themselves to be vulnerable enough to change their relationship with food and themselves.

As a self-employed, married mother of two young children, I understand the challenges of trying to reclaim time for your self to reach your goals. The pressures managing a career and a family are all-consuming but all the more reason to reclaim some for yourself.

I know how scary change can be but I can assure you – no matter what your life experience prior to you arriving here reading this page, you absolutely have the power to change – I did – and I want to help you do it, too.


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We set your daily and meal targets based on your body composition goals and lifestyle.


Using the wealth of tools provided, you execute your plan with our guidance and weekly feedback.


Rely on the MBM community and  Ambassadors for support and encouragement on your journey.


Discover your inner power & use your new skills to maintain your new, healthy relationship with food.

Our Packages 

VIP Coaching Package

The VIP package is a 6-month full-service investment in YOU. We’ll uncover your sticking points and work together to develop the skills necessary to make lasting change to your body composition and your relationship with food. 

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Our Success Stories 

" I came to Sophie after years of experimenting with diets. I didn’t understand why I was overweight. I was eating healthy things and was moderately active, so what gives?! Sophie designed a plan that allowed me to eat the foods I loved as long as they fit the “rules”. And it was as simple as that! It certainly wasn’t always easy. I had to make some real choices about my lifestyle. Choices that some people didn’t understand or respect. But Sophie armed me with the physical AND mental tools to reach my goals. 45 pounds later you can’t argue with the results! Now every time a friend tells me about the new diet they are on I want to shake them and tell them that I know the woman who has the answer. Everyone should learn a few lessons from Sophie."

- Courtney Trevis

" I have learned so much. I can honestly say that I have been a person that could talk to anyone about any “diet” since I had tried them ALL. No need any longer. Sophie has taught me the way! Weight is a game of math, choices and being accountable – it is that easy. I have lost 33 pounds, gotten rid of blood pressure pills, and am leaving a few short months later, a much happier individual! I wish you all success! Listen to Sophie! XO "

Gerri Anne Kay

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