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VIP Coaching Package

What is the VIP Coaching Program?


The Musclebound Mama VIP Coaching program is a 6-month investment for those ready to really take a deep dive into their relationship with food and body composition goals.

You’ll learn how to incorporate the foods you love into your daily targets, in a way that supports your goals using a process called flexible dieting. This allows us to lose weight or change our body composition in a sustainable way, using the foods we already love to eat!

We know that sustainable weight loss isn’t about just eating a specific diet for 6-months and the weight is gone for good. In fact, 95% of the dieting population regains their lost weight within 2 years. Is this your story?

Perhaps you struggle with thyroid issues or even PCOS and have been told weight loss isn’t possible? If so, this program is for you.

We take a bi-weekly approach to your specific mindset traps around food and self, and devise strategies to modify them. Your work here will literally re-wire the way you respond to food in those difficult moments we currently lose control under.

You’ll have the plan, support, and ongoing challenges to really change your relationship with food – for life.

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What's included?

  • Access to exclusive Musclebound Mama Facebook community
  • Customized exercise program for any goal
  • Musclebound Mama’s unique process training
  • Weekly live coaching video
  • Customized nutrition targets to meet your goal
  • Monthy progress photos
  • Weekly food log review & feedback
  • Musclebound Mama Ambassador Support
  • Bi-weekly custom goal setting/review
  • Bi-weekly 1:1 coaching video call
  • Coach e-mail access
  • Free gift!
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Why does it work?

  • We don’t demonize foods – choose the foods you love to meet your targets
  • Mindset work – lasting change means learning how to make decisions that align with your goals & values.
  • No meal plans – you learn how to plan your own meals using foods you enjoy following the structure provided for you based on your goals
  • No gimmicks – there are no shakes, pills, or wraps involved
  • Musclebound Mama’s support community is unmatched – it’s a safe place to learn the skills you need to develop a better relationship with yourself and food – for life

VIP Coaching 

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