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Episode #14: Is Social Media Really Social?

May 11, 2020

Full disclosure, this episode isn’t going to be about weight loss myths or the fat loss industry at all. I thought I’d spend the next few episodes doing something more fun.


I LOVE listening to people’s stories because it gives you the ability to step into a different time and space - and outside of your own experiences.

I mean, we see everything from our perspective because well, we can’t live in the heads of others. But, don’t you think we would be a lot more connected in general if we knew more about one another’s experiences? I feel like we spend more time being social on social media but we aren’t really learning anything about one another. We’re experiencing their current moments - sometimes heavily curated moments - but not their background and who they really are. Which is really a shame because with us all being more accessible to one another than ever, don’t you think it would be more important to connect more deeply and less superficially?

I mean, really, Facebook exchanges don’t have more social depth than even the chat you have with your neighbour while walking the dog. It could be so much more.