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Episode #16: Food Freedom!

Jun 01, 2020

Here are some things I hear on a daily basis:

  • I have no self-controlI have no will power
  • I can’t have any sugar or I won’t be able to stop
  • I can’t keep ice cream in my house

Have you thought these things?

Honestly, this is so many people but very few say it out loud. Something you might not know is that these things actually have very little to do with food.

These things are not facts - they are beliefs. And I’ll tell you a secret about beliefs: they are optional.

Freedom is learning to be with whatever is. Controlling our environment is not freedom, yet this is our default mode when things aren’t going well. “That’s it, no more of X”,  “starting tomorrow I am done with X”.

Sound familiar?

It really does sound logical to rally by regaining control and in truth, the issue isn’t really in the regrouping but rather in the way we do that and the reason we feel it’s uncomfortable in the first place. I mean, we have these expectations of our environment, don’t we?

We expect that if I do this, this, and that, I can predict that my day will unfold in this way. Most days, that is how things unfold and there really isn’t anything eventful that takes place. We feel accomplished, in control, and like we have our shit together.

The problem lies in situations where things don’t go according to plan. We feel like we’re holding up our end of the bargain by doing this, this, and that, and we expect the day will just go the way we imagined it. But, then it doesn’t.

Tune in for some strategies to free yourself from food.