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Episode #2: Food Demonization

Feb 17, 2020

My social feeds are full of people claiming that there are good and bad foods.

You’ve heard them, too, I’m sure.

One of the reasons behind food demonization is outdated metabolic science. You won’t have to look far to find people who believe that our bodies examine a calorie introduced to our body and go “now, hold on… this is from a candy bar - since it isn’t whole food it’s going straight to your hips!” - that just isn’t how any of this works.

What we’re creating with restriction of foods is deprivation. We feel trapped and defeated because we’re stuck in this place of chicken, rice, and broccoli while everyone else is eating cake.

This reduces our autonomy and autonomy is one of our basic psychological needs. Without a sense of autonomy, it’s very difficult to make decisions that align with our goals and values - and that means we will struggle to stick to the diet.

And one thing I can tell you about those who fall off their diet due to deprivation - they do so in an epic way. They dive headfirst into that shame spiral of “why can’t I ever do this, I’m going to be fat forever, I’m weak, I have no willpower...”

Maybe you recognize yourself in that statement. I have certainly spent many many years there in the past. 

Imagine working a mini candy bar into your meal plan every single day and still losing weight.

Imagine having a romantic anniversary dinner with your spouse with wine and dessert and still losing weight.

But most importantly - imagine not feeling any guilt or shame over having those things! 

I feel like I can sense your collective “YES! THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!” Well, it can happen. I see it happen every single day.