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Episode #25: Goal Weights are Bull$hit

Oct 29, 2020

Do you have a goal weight? Have you ever had one? Most of us have or even still have one now. Many have been inactively chasing that goal weight for decades. One of the first questions I ask during the intake process with new clients is “what is your goal during your time here?” 

The answer I get to this question tells me a lot. 

Some people tell me they had poor results from recent lab work at their physical and need to make their diet a priority. Some want to create a better relationship with food so their kids don’t develop the same habits they’ve struggled with. Some tell me they need to get their carb cravings under control. But the most telling of all is when a new client says “I want to hit 140lbs by my birthday (or, enter any special occasion in here, really). 

It seems innocent enough, right? I  mean, it’s a concise goal so this person must know what they want and are going to be hyper-focused on achieving that goal - and that might be true. But, then I follow up by asking if they’ve been that weight before and usually, they have, and that’s why they want to be there. So, it goes without saying that they’ve been there and were happy there - so, that’s the place where happiness happens, right?


I’ll tell you why.