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Our programs are run entirely online with no geographical restrictions.

Our packages reflect the diversity of our clients’ needs. Whether you are interested in an exclusive, members-only, like-minded community with tools and resources to help you on your own journey, or are interested in a comprehensive full-service online coaching package – we have you covered. As with embarking on any new exercise and nutrition regimen, it is highly recommended that you consult with your healthcare professional first.

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The VIP package is a 6-month full-service investment in YOU. We’ll uncover your sticking points and work together to develop the skills necessary to make lasting change to your body composition and your relationship with food.


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Our Success Stories


60-day challenge finalist!

Increasing blood pressure numbers may have given me the kick in the butt I needed to start the challenge, but my goal of the challenge was to create new healthy habits and change my mindset. It was not a 60-day diet for me, it was the start of a new lifestyle. Throughout the 60 days I wanted to learn as much as I could about myself and to examine my previous relationship with food and change that relationship into a healthier one. The challenge has taught me how to eat right and how important daily exercise is, even if it just 30 minutes.


" I feel so proud of the changes I have made, the habits I have implemented and shifted the way I view the numbers on the scale. " 


Before the challenge the scale had so much power over me, it controlled what level of self worth I gave myself. Now I look at it as one single piece of the puzzle and not the whole picture. The scale does not tell me, the physical gains I have made, nor the increase of energy and feel good vibes I have gained. I will continue to work on honoring and loving my body and all that is capable of doing.



Lost 21 lbs in 2 months

21lbs lost doesn’t even begin to touch the huge weight I feel lifted off of me from learning how to be at peace with my food and my body and to break my binging cycle. 21lbs in 60 days and 35 total this year is only the beginning.


 I am in it for the long haul now and cannot wait to continue to see myself improve and grow stronger physically, but more importantly, mentally. 


During this challenge, I have experienced such a huge mindset change and the control I have gained over my eating habits and health has encouraged me to take control of so many other parts of my life including setting boundaries, asking for what I want, and going after the things I deserve. I am beginning to really value myself and my inner voice. I am so grateful for this challenge and to you Sophie, and also to my sister-in-law Rachel for introducing me to the challenge and being my encouragement along the way. It is amazing knowing I will continue to have her support moving forward. THANK YOU!



Overcame loss and is now doing the Army walk!

Until Christmas 2016, I was barely able to walk. From January to April 2017, I was doing about 10 – 15 minutes 3 times a week of mild resistance training – mostly to get my knees to flex (maximum weight was 45 lbs.). I lost my momentum for a couple of months (or 4) after I lost my puppy in May and only really got back at it in the past week or so. Even now, I only do 20 – 30 minutes, 3 times per week of resistance training (now doing legs and upper body, max is still 45 lbs.) and just the quad curls (and now my walking) on the other 2 weekdays.


 I am truly grateful for all of your input into the process of my becoming a healthier and happier person. 


Weekends have been mostly yard & housework, which has been more than enough and neither of which I have been able to do at all for the past few years. If I can get results like this with basically just eating properly balanced meals, then anyone should be able to do as well. Next photos will be after I complete the Army walk in September. Have to make sure my walking buddy gets a good one of me before I pass out.



Loves food again!

While my disordered eating and weight have been up and down hundreds of pounds since my teens it was in January 2016 when I was about to go on my honeymoon that I was at my lowest point in nearly a decade. My weight was back over 200lbs again and I was miserable. In 2014, at 185lbs my newest coach suggested I remove nearly all of my carbs from my diet. This left me eating no more than the equivalent of a banana a day in carbs and a diet of approximately 1600cal a day via protein and fat. I had been on that program for a year and a half and found myself back to binge eating nearly every weekend because I couldn’t sustain the all-protein-and-fat lifestyle. I was so depressed, exhausted and felt like I was missing out on so much that everyone else could enjoy.


 Thanks to Sophie and her support, people are commenting on my “guns”, my strength and I feel like a real, live, powerful Wonder Woman!


It is nearly 20 months later and I am now eating 2900 cal on workout days, I have lost more than 30 lbs of fat and gained more than 5 lbs of pure muscle. My powerlifting has improved in ways I could only imagine and I LOVE food again. Yes it is hard to stay compliant, even with so much food, but Sophie’s support, program and nurturing nature have been there for me, every step of the way. On dark days, she reminds me of my successes. On my proud days, she is proud with me. I wish every person that is struggling with their body composition or relationship with food could share the benefits of this program because it has made me happier, more confident and I believe I have finally conquered my binge eating once and for all.

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