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The Musclebound Mama 60 Day Transformation Challenges are a supportive, informative, and FUN way to get the tools you need to change your relationship with food. For life. No gimmicks. No shakes. No “cleanses”. No wraps. Just real-life tools.

At the end of the 60 day period “before” photos will be compared to “after” photos and the most impressive transformation is selected. The winner will receive a THREE (3) month Nutrition coaching package with Musclebound Mama, valued at $999.


There are four 60 Day Transformation Challenges per year:


The Lifetime Resolution Challenge Begins early January


The Strong in 60 Challenge Begins in April


The Summer Body in 60 Challenge Begins in July


The Hot for the Holidays Challenge Begins in October

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Please check the terms and conditions before enrolling.

What is included?

  • Customized calorie/macro targets
  • Over a dozen workouts
  • Weekly food log review & feedback
  • Weekly weigh-ins & goal assessment
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook community
  • Access to an extensive database of tools & resources
  • Weekly video instruction
  • Ongoing support from Coaches & our amazing Ambassadors!


Once your advanced registration fee is received, you will be redirected to the Client Information Form to fill out, and you will be notified when the challenge deadline is reached and ready to start.

The Spring 2023 Transformation Challenge begins April 16th, 2023!


Our Success Stories

" The thing I liked best about this group is that everyone is very REAL. We all have struggles and we shared them. No one is perfect and no one pretends to be perfect! I can honestly say that I have been a person that could talk to anyone about any “diet” since I had tried them ALL. No need any longer.

Musclebound Mama has taught me the way! Weight is a game of Math, choices and being accountable – it is that easy. I have lost 33 pounds, gotten rid of blood pressure pills, and am leaving a few short months later a much happier individual! "

- Gerri Anne Kay

" Sophie changed my relationship with food. And she changed my relationship with fitness. As a result, she changed my life. She designed a plan that allowed me to eat the foods I loved as long as they fit the “rules”. And it was as simple as that!

People often remark at my weight loss and note that it must have taken a great amount of determination. It certainly wasn’t always easy. I had to make some real choices about my lifestyle. Choices that some people didn’t understand or respect. But Sophie armed me with the physical AND mental tools to reach my goals.

45 pounds later you can’t argue with the results! Now every time a friend tells me about the new diet they are on (insert any fad diet here) I want to shake them and tell them that I know the woman who has the answer. Everyone should learn a few lessons from Sophie. "

- Coutney Trevis

Create Your Own Challenge!

Are you getting married or part of a wedding party? Are you organizing a wellness challenge with co-workers? Are you part of a Mommy-Meetup community with weight loss goals? Let us build you a custom GROUP challenge just for you!

The Group Challenge is an ongoing offer to groups wishing to build their own private 60 Day Transformation Challenge.

Gather at least six (6) participants who are ready to change their relationship with food. If your group has eight (8) or more participants, the organizer is free! Contact us today.

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