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How do Our Programs work?

Our programs are run entirely online with no geographical restrictions.

Our packages reflect the diversity of our clients’ needs. Whether you are interested in an exclusive, members-only, like-minded community with tools and resources to help you on your own journey or in a comprehensive full-service online coaching package – we have you covered. 

At Musclebound Mama, we do not demonize foods, restrict calories, or eliminate food groups. You might be here because you have been diagnosed with a medical condition that requires you to change your relationship with food, and that does require relearning how to manage your hunger and satiety cues, and even the basics of nourishing yourself. You might be here because the depletion of estrogen in your body caused by perimenopause caused weight gain, and you need help navigating your “new normal”. 

There are many reasons a person may wish to change their body composition. Over the years, through experience in the industry as a practitioner and as a consumer, I have come to understand that the desire to change one’s body composition is layered. The societal climate of the moment is justifiably one of body positivity and self-acceptance. One of the underlying methodologies in the MBM community is that self-acceptance is critical for the release of shame and that the release of shame is one of the foundational components of self-determination. With self-determination we are unstoppable.


Let’s chat about what program is best suited for you. Book your 15-minute call today.

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